VHS Collection

G1 Series
 Video Gems Arrival From Cybertron ("More Than Meets The Eye")
Video Gems Megatrons Master Plan
Video Gems Desertion of the Dinobots
Video Gems Key To Vector Sigma/War Dawn

Video Gems Megatrons Master Plan Reissue
Video Gems Revenge Of Bruticus/Dinobot Island

Tempo Video Heavy Metal Wars/Girl who Loved Powerglide
Tempo Video The Rebirth
Tempo Video Return of Optimus Prime
Tempo Video Dark Awakening/Grimlocks New Brain

Tempo Video Carnage in C Minor/ The Ultimate Weapon
Tempo Video Cosmic Rust/ Masqureade
Tempo Video Super Video
Tempo Video Only Human

Tempo Video Starscreams Brigade
Collins Video Dark Awakening
Tempo Video Action Adventure Collection 4 (Fight Or Flee)
Collins Video Nightmare Planet

Maverick Vol 1
Maverick Vol 2
Maverick Vol 3

Satellite of Doom/When Continents Collide VHS

G1 Movie
Video Gems UK
Rhino Video US

G2 series
Generation 2 Triple Video Pack AUS

Generation 2 Megatrons Master Plan
Generation 2 Dinobot Island
Generation 2 Desertion of the Dinobots
Generation 2 Rebirth The Movie

 Beast Wars II
Pioneer Vol 4 10-12

 Playschool Go-Bots
Volume 1

 Micron Legend
"The Mightiest Robot Army Initiates Operation Landing" Promo 1 VHS
"The Coming of Unicron" Promo 2 VHS

TV Magazine Superlink VHS Promo

Ronin Video Transformers 2000 (Car Robots) Subbed 1-4
Centenosaur Beast Wars II Vol 1 "1-3 Subbed"
Centenosaur Beast Wars II Vol 2 "4-6 Subbed"

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