Transformers Episodes and OVA

In this section you will find downloads for rare and hard to find episodes from all eras of Transformers that i have managed to collect over the years from both English and Japanese regions.


Transformers G1 Season 5
Transformers Generation 2 Season 1
Transformers Generation 2 Season 2
Transformers Heroic Legend
Transformers Adventure
Transformers Adventure Prime of Micron

Single Episode / OVA

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers Pilot
1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair

Clip Shows


Transfomrers Beast Wars Quiz Encyclopedia



  1. good job for your blog ^^, do you have transformers go samurai episode 1 ?

    1. I have it but the version i had on youtube was one i machine translated and since it has proper translations i deleted it. i have been meaning to reupload it as its the only one im missing from the set on youtube.