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In this section of the site you will find galleries of production material I have collected over the years covering several series from both the US and Japan. Materials include Press kits, Storyboards, Scipts and other items I find on my travels.

Press Kits

Transformers The Movie Press Kit USA
Provided to the press in 1986 to advertise the coming release of  Transformers The Movie that summer. There are several versions of this kit availible containing several different Photos, Stickers and Film trailers. My kit contains several colour and black and white photos only unfortunately. View Full Gallery

Transformers The Movie Press Kit UK
This is the UK variant of the Transformers The Movie Press Kit. Over the years i have pieced this kit together from several different sellers online and i think i am only missing one of the photos.

 Tranformers Generation 2 Press Flier
International promotional flier for the "NEW" Transformers Generation 2 cartoon series in 1994. The flier was provided by Sunbow to international broadcasters to try and sell the Transformers Brand. At the same time I got this flier the seller gave me another flier for GI-Joe which is also included in the gallery. View Full Gallery

Transformers Beast Wars Press Kit 
Press flier for Transformers Beast Wars featuring press releases, plot and character breakdown, Producer bios and 3D animation breakdown.

 Transformers Animated Press Kit
Press Screener DVD and CD for Transformers Animated.  The Screener DVD Features the Pilot Movie and Promo trailer. The CD-Rom features press photos and text files giving descriptions of the series and characters.

Transformers Prime "Beast Hunters" Press Kit
Press Screener DVD and CD for Transformers Prime season 3 titled "Beast Hunters"  

Transformers Rescue Bots Season 3 Press Kit 
Press DVD for the most recent series of Transformers featuring the first 2 episodes of the series and a Press release for the series with a synopsis of the new direction the show is going in and a cast and crew listing

Model Sheets

Transformers The Movie Model Sheets
A Gallery of 59 Model sheets for the new characters featured in the Transformers The Movie. Charaters featured include Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus and more. View Full Gallery

Transformers Headmasters Model Sheets
A collection of model sheets for the First Japanese only series Transformers Headmasters. The sheets include human and robot models, set designs and props. I provded these sheets to The Allspark website to share with the community and you can see the sheets on their Facebook.
View Gallery 3

Transformers Car Robots Model Sheets
A gallery of 50 model sheets for Transformers Car Robots (known as Transformers Robots In Disguise in the west). The sheets include character models, set designs, props and more. 

 Transformers Legend of the Microns Model Sheets
A gallery of 50 model sheets for Transformers Legend of the Microns (Known as Transformers Armada in the west). Sheets include charater models for both robots and humans, set designs and more. View Full Gallery

Transformers Superlink Model Sheets
Two gallerys featuring 102 model sheets for Transformers Superlink (Known as Transformers Energon in the west). Sheets include charater models for both robots and humans, set designs and more. 

Transformers Galaxy Force 3D Modeling Samples
3D Models of all the primary characters featured in the Transformers Galaxy Force Series. The samples also include a relationship map and Force Chip Guide.

Transformers Galaxy Force  Design Sheets
Design sheets for 4 of the main characters in the series including Galaxy Convoy, Master Megatron, Starscream and Nitro Convoy. These early designs showcase the internal workings along with details of weapons and modes.


Transformers Animated Model Sheets
Model Sheets from Transformers Animated episodes 5 and 15 with backgrounds, characters, props
and production documentation.


Transformers The Movie Dialog Script
Dialog script for Transformers the movie originally owned by Walker Edmiston who played Inferno on the series. This copy is a bit special as Infernos lines where cut from the movie.

Transformers Robots In Disguise English Dub Script
English dub script for Episode 1 of Transformers Robots in Disguise "Battle Protocol!". This is the English dub script for the Transformers Car Robots Episode "First Deployment! Fire Convoy"
View Full Gallery


Transformers Ultimate Doom pt3 Act 3 Storyboard
Storyboards for the first season episode "The Ultimate Doom pt3" covering all of act 3 featuring Jetfire in his VF-1S Valkyrie model from Macross
View Full Gallery

Transformers Animated Storyboard
Storyboard for the first Act of the Transformers Animated episode "A Fistful of Energon"
View Full Gallery

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